Fall Frame of Mind: 7 to 9

Just as Miss Moss had to psyche herself up for summer, I’ve decided to do a series of posts to get myself and readers psyched for fall. Think of it as a to-do/photo inspiration list. Here are items 7 to 9:

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Apples
Clockwise from left: crockpot apples from Skinny Chef; easy apple tart by Pioneer Woman; apple cider cups by BusyMommy.

7. Eat apples: If you can, try to get some local farm apples (for Atlanta residents, I can recommend Farmers Fresh CSA). Eat them raw or cooked (I’ve made that easy apple tart twice in three days). Also, if you have any tips for making apple cider that isn’t mouth-curlingly sweet, please share them with me below.

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Soups and StewsAll photos by me; the two left images (brunswick stew with paprika & minestrone) have related posts, while the other two recipes are not yet posted (links to come).

8. Make soup & stew: Soup is healthy, it’s tasty, and it’s total comfort food. Now that temperatures have gone down, it’s a lot more fun to eat, too.

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Fluffy Beds
Clockwise from left: Rachel Thurston‘s place via Design*Sponge; Ten Broeck Cottage via A Cup of Jo; photo of my own bed.

9. Snuggle under a down comforter: I know of nothing more lush and delicious when it’s cold out than burrowing deep into the folds of a down comforter. Getting out of bed can be a problem, though.

Fall Frame of Mind: 4 to 6

Just as Miss Moss had to psyche herself up for summer, I’ve decided to do a series of posts to get myself and readers psyched for fall. Think of it as a to-do/photo inspiration list. Here are items 4 to 6:

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Warm Knits
From left: Toast’s cable knit socks (sold out; link is to a similar item); Yokoo’s The Snow Leopard Scarf.

4. Break out the knits: No more trying to mentally suck in your back fat. Time to don your favorite sweaters, cable knit socks, hats, and warm scarves. You’ll be snuggled and warm, and as far as anybody can tell, shaped like Miss World.

Oktoberfest Inspiration from Joy the Baker, Epicurious, and Design Sponge
Row by row: soft seasoned pretzels with mustard by Joy the Baker; beer stein from Amazon; bratwurst with apples, onion, & sauerkraut from Epicurious (photo by Lisa Hubbard); German chocolate cake from Design*Sponge (photos by Kristina Gill). 

5. Oktoberfest: Getting drunk off beer while wearing a dirndl & surrounded by strangers? No thanks. But a mini-homemade Oktoberfest, with friends & hearty foods (and no lederhosen) sounds like fun. Typical Oktoberfest foods include brats with apples and cabbage, soft pretzels with mustard, German chocolate cake, potato dumplings (knödel), and apple strudel; the beer I’ll leave up to you.

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Bonfires and Smores
Row by row: Bonfire from Tereasa & David’s wedding, via Martha Stewart Weddings; cooking marshmallow photo from What’s Cooking America; fireplace from Country Living; Pillsbury double-stack s’more recipe.

6. Open fires (fireplaces, bonfires, candles): We made s’mores over the grill this summer, and let me say: cooking over an open flame in July is like standing in the mouth of hell. Never again! But open fires in the crisp fall breeze? Pure bliss. Add s’mores (preferably made with Petit Ecolier biscuits) for maximum effect.

Fall Frame of Mind: 1 to 3

I know I said in this post that I was excited for fall. It’s true, and yet…I’m dreading the season too. Not for it’s own sake, but for the cold winter it promises. While I tend to throw myself into fall and winter festivities, it’s largely an act of willful resistance–to the cold, the darkness, and the sense of another year gone.

So, just as Miss Moss had to psyche herself up for summer, I’ve decided to do a series of posts to get myself (and readers) psyched for fall. Think of it as a to-do/photo inspiration list. Here are 1-3:

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Pumpkin Foods
Row by row: Starbucks pumpkin spice latte copycat recipe by Angie McGowan; pumpkin shake by Martha Stewart; pumpkin chocolate chip cookies and pumpkin spice pancakes by Joy the Baker.  

1. Pumpkin-based foods: Something about pumpkin and its attendant spices says fall in the coziest way possible. I’ve only ever had sweet pumpkin dishes like the ones above; this year, I’ll also try branching out into savory pumpkin dishes like this pasta with pumpkin, pancetta, and broccoli rabe.

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Pile of Books
2. Reading books under a blanket: Thanks to the Borders’ liquidation sales, and as a former bookseller & a frequent thrift store shopper, I have hundreds of unread books in my house. While I believe personal libraries should have lots of “to-read” books (that way you can shop your own shelves, a wonderful feeling), it’s getting ridiculous. My current goal is to get rid of 50 books by the end of October (donated, posted on PBS, or sold on Amazon). Which means lots of reading to figure out what goes.

PopBetty Fall Inspiration - Halloween
From left: Luella Bartley AW2008 witch from Vogue.co.uk (love the orange tights!), vintage Betty Grable Halloween photo, and Grandin Road synthetic pumpkins (no longer available, but good D.I.Y. inspiration).  

3. Halloween/Día de los Muertos: It’s time to announce it: next week is Halloween Week on She’s A Betty. From Monday to Friday, it will be all Halloween, all the time. I know some of you might not find that exciting, and I hear you–I’m personally not so into Halloween. But even I’ve had a blast assembling Halloween party concepts, costume ideas, vintage Halloween inspiration, scary book lists, and a few original D.I.Y. projects for the occasion. Can’t wait to show you everything!

What about you guys? How are you dealing with the new season?