Halloween Week 2011: Witch Party Concept

Sorry for the delay–the work is catching up with me! I may have to post a few things this weekend instead.

Vintage witchThe Concept

During my Halloween Week research, I read about a “Which Witch?” party, where all the participants dress up as famous witches. It sounded like fun, and as I kept finding great witch-related ideas, a witch party concept seemed obvious.

The Host/Guests

Literature & film are packed with witches for costume inspiration. For starters: Kiki from Kiki’s Delivery Service, Bellatrix Lestrange (or any Harry Potter witch), Elphaba or Glinda from Wicked, Sophie from Howl’s Moving Castle, Chocolat from Sugar Sugar Rune, Jadis the White Witch from Chronicles of Narnia, Baba Yaga, Circe, the witches from Hocus Pocus, Ursula from The Little Mermaid, and on and on. The blog Sexy Witch has tons more historical inspiration, and below are a few more ideas:

Halloween Week: Witch Party

Row by row, from left:

  • Both runway images are from Luella Bartley AW08, photos from Vogue.co.uk.
  • Middle image from “Dark Light Shining” article in Rue Magazine Issue 4 (pg 145). Stylist Jesi Haack has behind-the-scene photos & the full credits here.
  • Professor McGonagall’s hat, $16.30 from Amazon.
  • Borrow the hairstyle of this witch from Donkey Skin (fun fact: she spits toads when she talks).
  • A large rubber toad glued or sewed to the shoulder of an outfit will give it instant witchy flair (and give you a familiar). Here’s a vintage example of a vermin-covered witch costume, and here’s a hair mice tutorial from Martha Stewart.

Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

Row by row, from left:

The Food

Darkly Elegant Cake

Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

A potential centerpiece: a lovely gothic cake. From left:


Witch Party drinks

Drinks in sickly shades of green or with sly embellishments like onion eyeballs or skull-n-crossbones ice cubes add a festive touch:


Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

Finish the meal out with bubbling cauldron stew (Martha Stewart has a recipe for green Cauldron Curry), and a few of these treats:

The Decorations

Sign & Brooms

Brooms and sign

Have a combination of a tongue-in-cheek sign and brooms at the door to make guests feel welcome:

The Cauldron

Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

All witch parties need a cauldron:

Poisoned Apples & Spellbook

Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

A few poisoned apples and a spellbook can’t hurt:

Black Cats

Halloween Week: Witch Party Inspiration | PopBetty

And of course, every witch loves a black cat:

Plus A Few More Witchy Ideas

Witch Party few more

Row by row, from left:

Not pictured: A witch crash site; a witch under a table (scroll down); and a dancing witch’s broom (so cool).

Hope you enjoyed this concept! Up next: Halloween Week 2011: Costumes That Don’t Require a Bikini Wax.


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