Halloween Week 2011: Costume Ideas That Don't Require a Bikini Wax

October is a cold month, and platform shoes and low-cut bustiers (and sleazy dudes) are a party-going nuisance. Unfortunately, retail Halloween costume options for women still consist mostly of "sexy" this or "naughty" that. Which means you'll probably want to make your own.

Here are some of my favorite costume ideas, most of which are no-sew:

1. Pop Art/Comic Book Character

Comic book heroine

So cool. It's a popular look, but the makeup is time-consuming enough that it's not been overdone:

2. Celestial Beings

Celestial being

Pair an elaborate star (made with foam glitter stars & wire) or moon headdress with simple dark clothes:

3. The Grim Reaper

The grim

Paint all exposed skin black, and cover everything else with black or dark brown fabrics. You want a shredded, tattered look, like you've been wandering the world from end to end:

4. Silent Movie Femme Fatale

Silent film star

Go for the dramatic look of a turn-of-the-century vamp:

5. A Whole New You

Distorted by makeup

Use makeup to make your features really "pop":

6. House from Up

Up house costume

You may prefer to leave this one to the kids (it's better suited for outdoor trick-or-treating than indoor parties):

7. Creepy Doll

Doll costume

Dolls are always terrifying:

  • "Doll Face" by Pascale Douglas. Obviously altered by the computer (see her neck), but lots of great makeup ideas. I've also seen eyeballs extended with white eyeliner or paint to appear more doll-like.
  • Joint stockings from Japan. 

8. Japanese Ghost

Japanese ghost costume

All you need is white makeup, eyes rimmed with black liner and red eyeshadow, white sheets tied with a thick belt, handfuls of red yarn (attached to wrists with elastic), and (optionally) a white wig. Simple but eerie.

More Good Ideas:

More great costume ideas

Row by row, from left:

Finally, see more costume ideas at these posts: Jane Asher's Fancy DressArachnophobia Party Concept; Witch Party Concept; Mad Masquerade Concept (link coming soon); & Sugar Skull D.I.Y. (link coming soon).



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