Pop Culture Round-up: 09/26/11

Finally, another PKK links round-up! Heads-up that I’m still processing a huge backlog, so some of these links are old, and some new stuff is missing. I’m still trying to balance two blogs plus freelance work (my day job), but I’ll tentatively say: expect new posts here Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays from here on out. They may be short posts, and I may miss a few days here and there, but that’s my plan. Now, for the links:

soulless manga MANGA

  • Deal alert: Anna over Manga Report is selling her old manga for $5 a volume (plus free shipping). She’s a great seller: I ordered four books from her, and they arrived quickly and in like new condition.

park shi hoo princess's man


pirate dating sim

  • A big thank you to @MagicalEmi for tweeting about Pirates in Love, a popular Japanese love simulation game. It is available now in English, for free from the iTunes store (here is a preview). I don’t even know, you guys.


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