Valentine’s Day D.I.Y. Roundup

Sweet Valentine's Day Ideas

If there’s such a thing as a Valentine’s Scrooge, I might qualify. My boyfriend (when I have one) and I always manage to break up in time for the holiday, even if we get back together three days later. That said, this year I can’t help being tempted by all the beautiful reds & pinks littering my Google Reader. Boyfriend or no, I will make something red and sugary and heart-shaped before this month is out. Some favorite finds:

  1. Chocolate Cupcakes with Flaming Strawberries @ sprinkle bakes.
  2. Mini-Cupcakes with Candy Hearts @ Wants & Wishes Daily Inspiration via notmartha.
  3. Red Velvet Valentine Macarons @ delectable deliciousness.
  4. Bleeding Heart Cupcakes @ YumSugar
  5. Valentine’s Day Macaroons with Fruit @ Mad Baker.
  6. Valentine Gumball Necklace @ One Charming Party via Creature Comforts.
  7. Chocolate-covered Valentine Pretzel Sticks @ Super Ziper via Craft.
  8. Chocolate-Coffee Joconde Cake @ dolcetto confections.
  9. Heart Cake Tutorial @ i am baker.

Valentine's Day Fort and Red Velvet Cake

10. A luscious Valentine’s Day fort @ Design*Sponge. I want this all year round.
11. A glitter red velvet cake, from a Kate Spade ad. Pretty sure the cake in the ad benefited from CGI wizardry, but what if such a cake could be made (edible glitter exists, at least)? It would be glorious.

Clio Chiang Valentine's Day cards

The above naked Valentine is not a D.I.Y. project, but I love it and had to include it somewhere. Created by Disney artist Clio Chiang, it’s a little smutty and a lot of cute.

Finally, a few more ideas to consider:

Happy Valentine’s Day planning, you guys!

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