Pop Culture Round-up: 06/12/09

I’m still working on longer posts, and getting distracted by shiny objects and food. Some links in the meantime (apologies for the Twitter overlap):


  • Right Stuf has a 33% off sale on all Yen Press titles. Yen Press is one of my favorite manga imprints for its consistently high quality content & production values; for advice on what to buy, see There It Is, Plain as Daylight.
  • Manga I want to read (links to reviews): Detroit Metal City (one, two, three, movie poster at right), Fire Investigator Nanase (one, two), and Nabari no Ou (one).
  • I linked to it in my last post, but in case you missed it: John Jakala provides incontrovertible proof of Tokyopop’s quality drop.


  • Finally, Right Stuf has a rare 35% off sale on YA Entertainment’s K-drama box sets. You can preview some series at Dramafever or Crunchyroll; I also recommend Hotelier, My Girl, Damo, & Sandglass.


  • Kate Dacey has described my idea of bookseller/buyer heaven: a real New England bookstore with a) tons of books, some out-of-print, all for 20-80% off and b) no coffee shop or overstuffed chairs. I want to work there *sniff*.

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