Pop Culture Round-up: 05/30/09


  • I had no idea how vibrant the manga Twitter community was until I signed up for an account 3 weeks ago. Seriously, if you like manga/anime/etc., get a Twitter account. If you need help getting started, Lori Henderson has a great manga Twittering guide; for more general advice, try Everyday Tweet.




  • Huffington Post has a good “for dummies” article on former President Roh Moo-hyun, who committed suicide in the wake of corruption charges (charges he denied, and which came from a bribery investigation led by his political opponents).
  • Interesting Jezebel article (& comments!) on a female “hipster grifter” who succeeded partly because of the so-called “loathsome hipster Asian fetish.”


  • Finally, I’m working on a series of snack-related posts. One post will be on chirimen-jako, or dried baby anchovies; I kept seeing them in cookbooks & T.V. shows and thus began to covet them. Turns out chirimen-jako have a dry, chewy texture & mildly salty taste (as well as lots of calcium). You serve them on top of rice or shredded daikon radish with a dash of soy sauce. I know they look scary (mmm, eyeballs!), but they’re delicious:

Chirimen Jako

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