Design Blast: Sketch Sculptures

I really love the idea of sculptures or furniture that imitate sketches.

Sketch Art SculptureThese were the two posts that got me thinking about sketch sculptures:

  • A Patrick Dougherty tree sapling sculpture on the front of Max Azria’s L.A. boutique.  The sculpture will be up until January 2008 (via Runway Scoop).
  • German artist Thomas Raschke does wonderful heavy wire renditions of common objects.  Go to his site to see a teddy bear, a gun, a windowsill with a flowerpot, and more items beautifully reimagined in wire (via Core77).

Sketch Art Sculpture (2)

  • I’m actually not sure where I first saw this (Designers’ Block?), but it’s from the Living Etc site.  There’s no buying info, and I suspect the owners salvaged it from something else (they own eco-friendly Bailey’s Home & Garden).  I’m not sure it’s very comfortable, but that’s another thing entirely.

Incidentally, Living Etc is said to be an incredible magazine–I’ve heard Design*Sponge & Oh Joy! raving about it, among others.

  • Leigh Pennebaker is a NYC sculptor who makes “wire couture” out of fencing wire.  Absolutely beautiful designs (via Whip Up).

Sketch Art Sculpture (3)

Finally, two favorites:

  • Marie Christophe is a French artist who does the best job, in my opinion, of truly sketching with wire–her designs have a whimsy and expressiveness that surpass even most 2-D sketches.  She has several collections (price upon request), and also does custom work for companies like Hermès & Cartier.  Above is a custom design for Le Printemps (via Oh Joy!).

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