Fashion Feed Finds (Archive)

There wasn’t even any quilting. Just clear plastic, a pair of interlocking silver C’s and a cheap-looking chain.  I grew angry. The only thing that was clear was that I was the joke and Karl was laughing all the way to the Deutsche bank. (Link)

Sky-rocketing handbag prices have induced skepticism in even the most devoted buyers.  The Bag Snob has talked about it, The Sunday Times has talked about it–it’s insulting.

  • Kate Spade’s Things We Love section is a hit on the blogs–many, many design blogs have featured it, and I think it’s great.  That said, while the idea of promoting one’s brand by aligning it with others (a lifestyle approach to marketing) is smart, what do the other brands think?  Kate Spade’s one thing, but what if a more controversial brand did it?
  • Ambika found examples of 1930s airbrushing (subjects include Bette Davis & Joan Crawford).
  • Speaking of A Dress A Day’s Erin, did you know she is Erin McKean, the EIC of US Dictionaries for Oxford University Press?  Watch her Pop!Tech podcast here.
  • Gawker Media’s newest blog, Jezebel, has a brilliant post where reporters sewed designer labels into new fast fashion buys, then sold them to consignment stores.

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