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Two amusing quizzes:

Awesome pop-up books.

How Not to Use a Wii
The safety illustrations for Nintendo’s Wii are hilarious, but incomplete.   Luckily, the Iconfactory fills the gaps (see right).::via Core77.


machete-wielding convenience store clerk. The picture’s better than the video.::via BB-Blog.

The New York Times has a great article about how America’s political polarization affects our social lives.

USA Today has an eye-opening list of the 101 most influential fictional characters.  As an occasional fiction writer, I sometimes wonder why (if?) writing’s important–and then I see things like this list. has a nice summary of the fabric copyrighting controversy.

Back-story and “making of” slideshow for Besame Cosmetics (previously mentioned here).

Small children trapped in toy vending machines, via Boing Boing.

Jonathan Lundqvist, a Swede, recently returned from Iran with quite a few censored magazines.  If you’ve read Marjane Satrapi’s wonderful Persepolis (or was it Persepolis 2?), Iran’s magazine censorship is old news.  However, it’s interesting to see examples. ::via Gawker & Boing Boing

Also via Boing Boing, free streams of old radio thrillers.  They also have links to several other radio libraries on the web.

very cool Dark Chocolate M&M’S quiz game (I could only get 40 right!  Even with extensive cheating!).

Two useful articles (1, 2) on how independent booksellers have restructured their businesses to compete with Barnes & Noble, Borders, &

Here’s a fascinating article on Human-Elephant Conflict (H.E.C.).  An excerpt:

In the course of her nearly two years at the Elephant Sanctuary — much of it spent in quarantine while undergoing daily treatment for tuberculosis — Misty has also been in therapy, as in psychotherapy. Wild-caught elephants often witness as young calves the slaughter of their parents, just about the only way, shy of a far more costly tranquilization procedure, to wrest a calf from elephant parents, especially the mothers. The young captives are then dispatched to a foreign environment to work either as performers or laborers, all the while being kept in relative confinement and isolation, a kind of living death for an animal as socially developed and dependent as we now know elephants to be.” –Charles Siebert, New York Times.

Read more about the Elephant Sanctuary.

Paul Newman is my permanent pick for Sexiest Man Alive.  At 81, he’s still married to his wife of 48 years, Joanne Woodward, has a legendary acting career and a successful business that gives all its proceeds after taxes to charity, and is still (bless him) hot.  Here’s a nice NYTimes article about his new restaurant.

Sofia Coppola does Paris.

I really like the music in this Beatles meets Bollywood clip (YouTube)–reminds me of Cornershop’s remake of Norwegian Wood.  The dancing, though–sweet Jesus.


Stevie Wonder–why weren’t you this cool when I was watching Sesame Street?  (YouTube)

Great MetaFilter post (although some commenters disagree) featuring classic Hollywood clips.  Can’t-miss clip: Bette Davis’ performance of “They’re Either Too Young Or Too Old.” (YouTube)

Who said it: Adolf or Ann?  I got 11 answers right.

Old, but good: Prince on American Idol (YouTube).  Such a sexy, sexy little man.

Wonderbra or no, if you are female, at some point this has probably happened to you.  And no, being stared at like a freak isn’t all it’s cracked up to be.


The Project Runway recap worth readingfourfour (up the following Monday).  And of course, Tim’s Take blog and podcast (up right after show).  Tim‘s last podcast (mp3) was particularly worth a listen (the man hates Vincent).

Although, to be honest, we’re not so fond of Alison anymore eitherthanks to her Entertainment Weekly interview.  Sample quotes: “[Q:] Why would the producers put in a model who’s not runway-model size?  [A:] So people like me get eliminated.”; “[Jeffrey] says what I’m thinking but don’t want to say.”  Yikes.

Drink our pesticides or we won’t invest in your third-world country.

George Clooney had an awkward phase.

As someone exasperated with American Apparel crotch & boob shots, I appreciated this takedown of erotic ads aimed at women.

Broadsheet’s Rebecca Traister calls Details mag on their lame “Fat is Back” slide show.

The Bright Side of Global Warming: Car Cookies.

Pluto’s no longer a planet, and already, there is anger.  But what we want to know is, what does this mean for astrology?

The Coke/Pepsi pesticide debacle continues in India.  Both brands seem to have completely mishandled the problem, and have failed to convince many that their products are safe.  It doesn’t help that Coke’s new ad campaign asks India “Is there anything safer for you to drink?” (i.e. our product isn’t safe, but it’s sure better than that toxic sludge you call water).

Finally, I hesitated discussing the Forbes backlash piece, “Don’t Marry Career Girls,” because if you kick turds, you just get crap on your shoe.  However, since Boing Boing (123), Gawker (12), Slate, and Salon have criticized the article, Forbes removed, then reinstituted the piece next to a counterpoint (although where’s the slide show?  I want a counterpoint slide show, dammit! Thank you, Hipster Pit!) and Lifehacker has posted the probably-unrelated-but-timely-and-appropriate “Strengthen your BS detector,” it’s become, you know, kind of a big deal.  Fuh.

Here’s an interesting NYMag feature on Stephen Colbert. has an interesting interview with Jesse Kornbluth, writer for culture filter

Slate and the BBC have two articles about Anna Politkovskaya, a recently murdered Russian journalist.  Politkovskaya was highly critical of Putin’s administration, particularly its handling of Chechnya.  Her assassination, as well as the growing tension between Russia and pro-Western neighbor Georgia, further highlight the alarming discrepancy between Putin’s pro-Democracy rhetoric and his government’s behavior.

Sir David Attenborough’s most popular clip: a lyrebird imitates a chainsaw, a camera, a car alarm, and a kookaburra.

Extremely weird, offensive, brilliant George Washington cartoon (YouTube link).

The famous Spanish Castle color illusion.

Stephen Colbert spanks Westmoreland (Congressman, GA)(embedded video link).

Japanese women, emboldened by greater economic independence, prefer younger men (they’re less bossy).

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